Police search for 'idiots with a sledgehammer' seen burglarizing coin machine


SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police are searching for a group of men seen on surveillance video taking a sledgehammer to a brick pillar encasing a coin machine at a Southeast Side car wash.

Police said the men are suspected of burglarizing coin-operated machines at a car wash at 4455 E. Southcross Blvd. but did not say on what date the crime occurred. 

In a video posted to the San Antonio Police Department's East San Antonio Fear Free Enviroment Facebook page, police showed how, when one of the suspected burglars failed to make headway with his sledgehammer swings, another took a swing at the brick pillar, also failing to get to the coin machine beneath the brick facade.

Police said that while the "idiots with a sledgehammer" didn't get to the coin box, they caused "severe damage to the property" in their attempts.

Police are asking those with information about the crime to contact the East Property Crimes Division at 210-207-7642.

Did you know burglary of a coin operated machine was a thing??? I didn’t until joining the force. We are trying to Identify these burglars of coin operated machines. These suspects were involved in a Burglary located at the Car wash at 4455 E.Southcross Blvd. They caused severe damage to the property in their attempt to gain access to the coin storage box. Anyone with any information please contact East Property Crimes Detectives at 210-207-7642. SAPD19112058

Posted by SAPD East SAFFE on Saturday, June 22, 2019