Enchanted Rock reminds patrons it's against park rules to kill park wildlife


FREDERICKSBURG, Texas – Officials with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are reminding Enchanted Rock State Natural Area patrons that it's against park rules to kill wildlife in the park.

The notice was posted to Facebook after four nonvenomous snakes were killed by park visitors despite not posing any risk.

"These snakes are not dangerous, are almost primarily found in the creek and will not approach you," the post states. "In fact, they are more likely to swim away from approaching humans, than stand their ground."

Park officials said that killing nonvenomous snakes also creates a negative impact on the ecosystem and is against regulations.

Parkgoers who witness other visitors approaching, feeding or harrassing park wildlife are asked to report the behavior to park staff.

Many people commented on the post, upset that TPWD had to make the announcement in the first place.

"How sad," one person wrote. "We are visitors in their home, one must respect the home owner!"

Another person wrote, "Why are you going into a state natural area and thinking you have any right to kill anything that is living within it?"

We have had a total of four non-venomous, plain-bellied water snakes killed by visitors in the park so far this season....

Posted by Enchanted Rock State Natural Area - Texas Parks and Wildlife on Saturday, June 29, 2019