Explosion, fire forces couple out of South Side home

SAN ANTONIO – A loud explosion in a South Side neighborhood forced a couple out of bed and out of their home Sunday morning.

Arson investigators are looking into a fire that started in the family's backyard shed on the 9200 block of Silverhill Road around 4 a.m.

“That explosion was (due to) the gasoline tanks that he had in a detached shed,” fire Capt. Chris Lang said.

The explosion wasn’t the first sign for the homeowner that something was wrong. Lang said the homeowner had examined his entire property around 1:30 a.m. Sunday after smelling smoke. 

The man assumed it was smoke from a neighbor’s barbecue after he didn’t see any flames.

Firefighters suspect an electrical short in the detached shed of the home started the fire that has left an estimated $40,000 in damages.

“The shed is a total loss. The attic space and the ceiling of the home will have to be redone,” Lang said.

The shed was about 4 feet away from the home. The fire proved to be a challenge to firefighters this morning due to the structure of the attic.

“Crews on the inside knew that there was fire above them, but when they opened the ceiling with pipe holes to look, they saw no fire there because the fire was in the second attic, which was above the roof of the original house,” Lang said.

For now, CPS Energy has cut off electricity at the home. The couple living in the home will be staying with family.

The investigation is ongoing. However, arson investigators believe the fire was accidental.

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