Area 51 plan inspires 'Storm Loch Ness' but authorities warn against that, too

Facebook page says, 'Nessie can't hide from us all'

Nessie merchandise is on display in a shop in Drumnadrochit, Scotland (Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images).

By now, you’ve likely heard of the not-so-elaborate plan to “storm” Area 51 in September.

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But have you heard that this now-viral plan has, in a way, spread overseas?

More than 21,000 people have marked themselves as “going” on a Facebook event page called “Storm Loch Ness,” that says “Nessie can’t hide from us all” and that “The time is now for us to find dat big boi.”

About 43,000 more people have marked themselves as “interested.”

The event is set for Sept. 21 in Fort Augustus, Scotland.

A volunteer crew is saying it can’t match the resources of the U.S. military, and officials are nervous that if people actually show up, it could be dangerous.

The water is known for being very cold. Additionally, conditions could deteriorate quickly on the loch with wave heights of 13 feet and, because it is freshwater, it is less buoyant than the sea if someone ends up in the loch and tries to float, the BCC reports.

A safe takeaway? Don’t storm ANYWHERE you’re not supposed to be in September.

h/t Time magazine

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