Police warn travelers of scam involving someone posing as airport representative

SAN ANTONIO – Police are warning travelers before they become victims of a new scam that involves someone pretending to work for the San Antonio International Airport.

The scam involves a crook who tried to reel in their target with the promise of money.

Police said the scammer first got a local victim's attention by sending them an email claiming they had a parcel at the airport. In that email, police say, the scammer said the parcel had the victim's name written on it along with cash inside.

The crook then set up a deal to split the money 70/30 if the individual could confirm their identity through email, which was another red flag.

"The person allegedly representing the airport asked to go offline and asked to be contacted by personal email, not by airport email. That will never happen. If the San Antonio Airport reaches out to you by phone or email, it will all be by airport email or airport phone numbers," said Officer Curtis Walker, with the San Antonio Police Department.

The person targeted in the case called the airport to report what was happening.

Police said this is the only victim in this case who has come forward, but there could be others. They say if something sounds too good, it probably is.

Anyone who encounters this scam is asked to call local authorities.

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