Man accused of tampering with evidence in deadly shooting case

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SAN ANTONIO – A man who was shot and left to die was robbed of his belongings by witnesses, police said.

The shooting happened at an apartment complex on Woodstone Drive near I-10, and at the time, police said there were no witnesses.

An arrest affidavit said surveillance cameras showed who shot Davonnce Gant on Aug. 19 at the apartment complex. The video also showed there were witnesses to the shooting.

Police arrested Correl G. Moore, who they say stole evidence from the scene of the deadly shooting on the Northwest Side. He was charged with tampering with evidence.

Police said an unidentified woman witnessed the shooting from across the street but never called 911 or helped Gant. Minutes later, she was seen walking past him but still not helping him "while the victim is struggling to stay alive," the affidavit stated.

Police said the woman was the lookout for Moore as he approached Gant and picked up something he dropped when he was shot.

Residents are calling the actions by people who witnessed the man's shooting heartless.

"It's pretty sad our world's coming to that. You can at least call and help. If you don't want to be involved, that's fine, but at least call and help somebody," said a resident named Jeff who declined to give his last name.

Moore told police at the scene he only heard the shots but was never around the body. Police have not yet identified the woman and the shooter has not been arrested.

Moore's bond is set at $2,500. He has a previous arrest for theft.

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