Tiny fish in San Antonio lab may hold cure for rare cancer

Local 13-year-old survivor visits zebrafish lab

SAN ANTONIO – Tiny, see-through fish might be the key to treating children with the rare muscle cancer, rhabdomyosarcoma.  

Local 13-year-old Kennedie Bailey, who just beat that cancer, saw the little zebrafish that may lead to a new treatment for other kids and prevent tumors from returning.  

It was Mother's Day 2017 when Kennedie's mom Lindsey found a big bump underneath her right ear. 

"It started with an ear infection," Kennedie said.

She had developed a rare muscle cancer they'd never heard of.

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"I couldn't even pronounce it," Kennedie said. 

It was Kennedie's upbeat attitude that got her through a tough year of treatment for rhabdomyosarcoma. 

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