Converse taking applications to replace ousted Place 4 councilwoman

Special meeting to be held Nov. 1 to appoint replacement

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CONVERSE, Texas – Converse City Hall is taking applications for anyone who’s interested in filling in the vacancy for the Place 4 seat after now-former Councilwoman Kate Silvas was ousted from office following a special meeting on Tuesday.

The Converse City Council will hold a special meeting Nov. 1 to appoint a replacement.

On Thursday, KSAT received the 100-page documents that were presented to council members as evidence of Silvas’ alleged interference with administration.

According to City Attorney Felix Arambula, one of the emails in the 100-page document shows how Silvas violated sections 2.7 and 2.12 of the city charter by telling staff to provide her with a report. Breaking the charter forfeits her seat.

The emails from the director of Development Services say Silvas asked for a “report for data on commercial permits for FY2020. Councilwoman Silvas requested that I run a report for the last five fiscal years and conduct an analysis for discussion at the 10.15.2019 City Council meeting.”

Under the city charter, the city manager oversees staff members and gives them direction and any member of the City Council is directed to work through the city manager.

Silvas said she got the permission from City Manager Le Ann Piatt to speak with the staff member and that the request was a misunderstanding.

The city attorney said this was the only email evidence provided, but there were other instances where Silvas directed the staff verbally and asked for information.

Silvas was elected to office last year. She’s running for mayor against incumbent Mayor Al Suarez and Councilwoman Deborah James on the Nov. 5 election ballot.

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