Social media posts lead to suspensions for 3 San Antonio police officers, records show

Posts involved Donald Trump, violence on protesters

SAN ANTONIO – At least three San Antonio police officers were suspended in recent months for their activities on Facebook, according to records obtained by the KSAT 12 Defenders.

The police department on Monday released records for San Antonio police officers who were disciplined in November and December, months after they were initially requested.

The questionable posts occurred over the summer after several protests had broken out over the death of George Floyd.

Each officer was suspended for bringing “reproach and discredit” onto the San Antonio Police Department, the documents showed.

In one case, the police department was notified by the FBI about one of the officer’s Facebook activities.

‘Inappropriate and offensive’

San Antonio police detective Rudy Guzman was suspended for 10 days without pay in November for his Facebook posts, according to the city documents.

Guzman was the subject of an administrative investigation over the summer after his posts were first reported to police.

First, Guzman posted an “inappropriate and offensive TikTok video,” police found. Then, Guzman posted an “inappropriate and offensive meme.” The documents did not include the content of either of these posts.

During the investigation, police also found Guzman had posted two videos deemed inappropriate. The first one showed the video of a protestor standing in front of the military.

“Detective Guzman made an inappropriate and offensive comment on this post,” according to the suspension record.

Guzman shared another video showing the Venezuelan military using a mobile water cannon on protesters with another inappropriate comment, the documents showed.

‘Trump isn’t ‘racist’ for the last f—king time’

Officer Cody Haegelin was handed a 10-day suspension in December for his Facebook comments last year.

Haegelin, who posted under the name “Busta Wayne,” penned profane posts on June 30, according to the records.

“Right now you have all the rejects/losers backing this ignorant movement,” Haegelin wrote. “The working class are silent. Keep it coming and see how the ball rolls when the people paying for all you ignorant f—ks have had enough.”

It was unclear in the documents which specific movement Haegelin was referring to.

In another comment, he defended former President Donald Trump.

“Because Trump isn’t “racist” for the last f—king time,” Haegelin responded to a woman. “People now a days wouldn’t know racism as their ancestor KNEW it.”

‘Didn’t see any protesters’

San Antonio police suspended Officer George Olivarri for five days in December after they were notified of his Facebook activity by the FBI, according to the suspension documents.

Olivarri was allegedly one of three San Antonio police officers who liked an inappropriate Facebook post between May and June, according to the records.

The photograph in the post depicted blood spatter on the side of a car along with a caption that read, “Didn’t see any protesters.”

Though Olivarri was identified as one of the officers who liked the photo, the other two officers were not identified. It is unclear if those officers have been disciplined in connection with their activity on Facebook.

About the Author:

Fares Sabawi has been a journalist in San Antonio for four years. He has covered several topics, but specializes in crime, courts, open records and data visualization.