Man found guilty in 2012 murder of UTSA student

Leandre Hill accused of killing student Randall Perkins

SAN ANTONIOUPDATE: A jury has found Leandre Hill guilty in the murder of UTSA student Randall Perkins. The sentencing phase in the case begins Thursday morning.


During closing arguments Wednesday in the murder trial of Leandre Hill, prosecutors played a short video that was recorded during a wild confrontation at an off-campus University of Texas at San Antonio fraternity party on the evening of March 24, 2012.

In the video, a single shot can be heard, but it does not show who fired it.

Based on what witnesses told police, prosecutors allege that Hill fired the shot that killed 20-year-old Randall Perkins.

“You guys are swimming in a pool of reasonable doubt right now," defense attorney James Tocci told the jury during closing arguments. “It’s not one or two. It’s so many.”

Tocci said he was referring to the testimony of several witnesses who pointed to Hill as the person who fired the fatal shot.

He told the jury to “take those doubts, hold them tight and don’t let go.”

Prosecutor Jessica Schultz countered Tocci's challenges to the witnesses' testimony.

“There isn’t one finger of any witness that we’ve heard that points to anyone other than him,” Schultz said as she pointed at Hill.

Hill was among a group of men who prosecutors say crashed the party.

First, it was a verbal confrontation, followed by a fistfight, and then Hill fired the fatal shot, they alleged.

Wrapping up her argument, Schultz said, “It’s his choice that brought us here, and it’ll be your choice to find him guilty.”

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