Family of eight devastated after suspects steal SUV

Family captures their SUV being stolen on home surveillance footage

San Antonio – A San Antonio married couple is devastated after their family’s SUV was stolen overnight Monday.

Ashley Hernandez, a mother of four and grandmother of two, said the morning started as usual.

“We got up and got the kids ready for school,” Hernandez said. “We were getting ready for working when we were walking out the door and noticed the truck was missing.”

Hernandez said she thought her husband was playing a prank on her, but after the pair viewed surveillance video that captured the theft at 2:40 a.m., she realized the "prank" was a reality.

“You can see where a guy approaches the truck and gets into the passenger’s seat,” Hernandez said. “He was rummaging through my things in the middle console, and then he notices the key fob is in the cupholder. He gets out and there is another person behind him with a flashlight. He gets back in the truck on the driver’s side and backs out.”

The men seen on camera took off in Hernandez’s white 2012 Infinity QX56.


“It is pretty distinctive,” Hernandez said. “It has a black grill and black rims. It is pretty different from the rest of the Infinitis.”

Hernandez said it was a tough day for her and her family.

“I had to miss work to get a rental that we can only afford to keep for five days,” Hernandez said. “Then, with the holidays coming up, that is just another expense that we are having to worry about. All day today, we were wandering the streets to see if we could find it.”

She said her husband accidentally left the key in the car as he was unloading it.

“My husband went to drop off our stepchild,” Hernandez said. “Just out of habit, he got all of the things out of the truck and forgot he left the key fob in the cupholder. That’s where we normally put it because it is a push-to-start. He just closed the door behind him and went inside.”


Hernandez said her husband is very upset about the entire situation.

“He feels guilty,” she said. “He feels depressed. He’s angry. He’s angry at what happened and himself, so all we can do is just move forward.”

She said she wants her SUV back because it was her dream vehicle, and it's the only one they have to accommodate six children at one time.

“It took us a long time to find that kind of truck,” Hernandez said. “We have so many memories with that truck. We have taken it on road trips. We took it to California and Las Vegas. I just want it back. I worked hard for that.”

Hernandez said seeing the surveillance video broke her heart.


“It is devastating for someone to come into your safe zone and just take your property. We are hardworking people who make an honest living. It just felt like a violation. I have so many things going through my mind," Hernandez said. "Am I going to find it? What condition is it going to be in? Is it going to be more expensive to repair? What have they done to it? It has just been a heartbreaking day. They literally stole a piece of me.”

She said she hopes this serves as a lesson to other families, especially during the holiday season.

“It is a material thing that can be replaced and family obviously cannot be, so I am just trying to stay positive and keep my head in the right space for my family. We don’t live in the era anymore where you can just leave the door unlocked. We are past that, and we have these kids that are just ruthless now. Retrace your steps," Hernandez said. "Make sure before you lay your head down at night, make sure you locked your vehicle up. (We) never think this could happen to us. You don’t think that, especially in the nice neighborhood we live in. Unfortunately, crime happens everywhere because criminals do not discriminate.”

San Antonio police are investigating the theft. Hernandez said the SUV’s plate number is DV49089. If you know where the vehicle is, you are urged to call police immediately.


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