SAPD: Fireworks set off inside Ingram Park Mall lead to panic among shoppers

Shoppers thought fireworks were gunshots

San Antonio police are searching for two teenagers who set off fireworks inside Ingram Park Mall, leading to panic for shoppers who thought it was a shooting.

The fireworks were set off inside Dillard’s Wednesday afternoon and shoppers began to self-evacuate, police said. The two teenagers who ignited the fireworks then fled.

No injuries or damage were reported, but shoppers remained on high alert.

The incident occurred exactly two weeks after a shooting at South Park Mall, where four people were shot.

Two more suspects arrested in South Park Mall shooting, police say

Shopper Leticia Castillo, who was working inside South Park Mall at the time of the Dec. 18 shooting, said being inside Ingram Park Mall for this incident was like reliving a nightmare.

“It’s nothing that you want to experience,” Leticia Castillo said. “Nobody thinks it’s funny.”

SAPD is reviewing surveillance footage from the store.

It is unclear which type of firework was set off.