Middle East tensions monitored closely by Veterans Court judge

Judge fears crisis could cause issues for ‘fragile veterans’

SAN ANTONIO – Tensions in the Middle East following last week's bombing attack by the U.S. that killed an Iranian general could trigger negative behavior from veterans in Veterans Court Treatment programs, according to a presiding judge in one of the local courts.

"We have a concern about whether the recent events might trigger some of their PTSD issues," District Court Judge Jefferson Moore said Wednesday.

Moore was referring to veterans who are in programs that address their legal, psychological and substance abuse issues.

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He is one of three judges presiding over Veteran's Treatment Courts.

"Sometimes when people get their anxieties going, they will self-medicate where they could end up using alcohol or, hopefully not, illegal drugs as well," Moore said.

Moore said that in view of the situation in the Middle East, he and the court's staff are paying extra close attention to program participants.

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"Some of them are a little more fragile, perhaps," Moore said. "We want to be sure that the recent events aren't causing them to have any issues. We always have constantly available to them phone numbers, e-mails and so forth for them to be able to reach out so we can help them."

During the next court session on Thursday, Moore said that he hopes to get a clearer picture of what effect the crisis is having on the program participants.

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