A firefighter and a police officer were killed at the scene of a crash in Texas

Second firefighter critically injured, hospitalized

Paramedic Eric Hill and Officer Nicholas
Reyna. (Credit: CNN)
Paramedic Eric Hill and Officer Nicholas Reyna. (Credit: CNN) (KSAT)

LUBBOCK, TEXAS – A firefighter and police officer were killed while working the scene of an icy crash in Texas, authorities said.

A second firefighter was hospitalized in critical condition following the incident on Interstate 27 in Lubbock, officials said.

CNN reports a funeral procession was held Sunday for the firefighter and police officer.

Emergency responders arrived at the scene of a single vehicle car Saturday morning. While there, a second vehicle towing a trailer was traveling southbound when it crossed over the median, about 25 yards from the first accident, Lubbock Police Chief Floyd Mitchell said. It struck two firefighters and one police officer.

Officer Nicholas Reyna, 27, and Paramedic Eric Hill, 39, were killed, police said. Firefighter Matt Dawson, 30, was hospitalized in critical condition.

"The people who put on this badge, the people who put on that badge, they give their life to their communities. We are true servants. To my family here in Lubbock, my police department and fire department family, hearts go out to them," Mitchell said.

Lubbock had one inch of snow that night and the roads were icy Saturday.

“When road conditions get this bad, we need to make sure that people understand they need to slow down,” Mitchell said.