No, you’re not seeing things: Windcrest installs first 3D crosswalk

City of Windcrest installs 3D crosswalk to slow down drivers

WINDCREST, Tx – It was once an idea that has become a reality. The city of Windcrest has installed its first three-dimensional crosswalk outside of Windcrest Elementary School.

The city initially had a difficult time finding a contractor who would take on the job. It finally found Ron Lemos, an artist with Laredo Striping, who said he was willing to give it a shot.

“We want it to feel like it’s a crosswalk that’s floating, and it’s got a shade underneath. That way, it gives the perspective to kind of slow down, to recognize who’s around,” Lemos said.

Lt. Daniel Hernandez, with the Windcrest Police Department, said the children were excited to see the new crosswalk outside the school. He said it’s just one more way to get drivers to slow down.

“It's another tool that we’re trying to use aside from the signs. At times, we have the crossing guard here, and (this is) just another tool to get (a driver’s) attention,” Hernandez said.

Erik Askew, a 7-year-old, is a fan of the new crosswalk.

“That’s my favorite thing now,” he said. “It creeps me out a little bit, but I face my fears whenever I cross it.”

City leaders saw the concept sidewalk installed in another state and wanted to try it out. After doing some research, Lemos said it doesn’t look like any other city in Texas has done something similar.

The cost of a 3D crosswalk is more because of the extra time it takes to make the design and the cost of the extra paint, Lemos said.

The city manager said the cost was about $500 for the 3D crosswalk, which is part of a pilot program. The city expects to add more 3D crosswalks by the end of the school year.

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