Truck crash lands on two parked cars at apartment complex

SAN ANTONIO – Residents living at a North Side apartment complex were stunned to see two parked cars damaged by a truck that went airborne and landed on them.

“I looked down and I saw several cops and I saw a tow truck. Then I looked to my right, and I am like, ‘Oh my God!’ There was like a huge truck directly on top of a car," said a resident who did not want to be identified.

San Antonio police said the driver, a 35-year-old woman, lost control of her pickup truck and crashed through a fence before hitting the two cars at the Walker Ranch Apartments off Blanco Road.

“Per the crash report, the driver of the unit that crashed into the parked units was evaluated for DWI,” said Alisia Pruneda, public information officer for the San Antonio Police Department.

David Huff, a resident, said he couldn’t believe his eyes when he realized the damage in the morning.

“I am still in a state of awe,” Huff said. “I am still pretty shocked about it. This is not just something you wake up to, say, ‘Oh, wow, there are two smashed cars in my apartment complex.’”

“One of my friends said it looked like they were binge-watching too much Fast and Furious,” Huff said jokingly.

Pruneda said the driver told officers that a deer caused her to go off the road.

“There are deer all over the place, like rush hour traffic,” Huff said. “There are also speeders. I can hear them. They are usually racing up and down the street.”

No one was inside the two cars when the crash happened.

"The family came down,” said one resident. “It was a father and a poor mother holding her infant, and I just felt so bad.”

Pruneda said the department expects to recommend charges be filed against the driver, pending the results of her DWI evaluation.

A dark photo taken by a resident showing the pickup truck on top of a white car while another car was pushed out of its parking spot (KSAT)

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