Former Northeast ISD teacher shares experience living in Singapore following Coronavirus outbreak

Coronavirus cases reach 77 in Singapore, leaving families lives in limbo

A former Northeast ISD teacher living in Singapore said her life has changed following the coronavirus outbreak.

SAN ANTONIO – A former Northeast ISD teacher living in Singapore said her life and routines have changed following the coronavirus outbreak.

Singapore’s Ministry of Health said the country has 77 confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

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“The feeling is not so much panic. The feeling is just a general sense of uncertainty of what this means over the coming weeks and months,” Mare Stewart said.

Stewart currently teaches high school history and geography at Singapore American School. The school is now requiring all staff members, students and families to track their temperatures.

“We check our temperature in the morning. We check our temperature during the evening. For teachers, we have to actually submit this to our school,” Stewart said.

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Stewart and her family have been living in Singapore for more than three years.

When Stewart and her family lived in San Antonio, she taught at Northeast ISD. She worked five years at STEM Academy @ Nimitz and two years at the International School of the Americas.

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Stewart said she has a scheduled trip to Texas this summer, but she knows those plans can change.

“If for any reason, we feel that our own health and safety can’t be guaranteed, we would postpone our flight. We wouldn’t want to put anyone in jeopardy,” Stewart said.

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