Many spring break plans revolve around the coronavirus

Students consider where to go, taking extra precautions

SAN ANTONIO – Even as they count down the days until their spring break, many Trinity University students also are planning what extra precautions to take against the coronavirus. Some students are even re-considering where they’ll be heading.

Andrew Serrano, a first-year student from the Corpus Christi area, said he’d spent the last two spring breaks on the beach in Port Aransas. Next week, he said, would be his first spring break as a college student.

But now, “I know for sure I’m going home, but I’m not sure if you’ll catch me by the beach any time soon,” Serrano said.

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“I know how close in contact you are to everyone and you really don’t know where they’re coming from,” Serrano said.

If he stays away this year, Serrano said, “If it’s safer, it’s the smarter option.”

Carmen Johnson, a junior at Trinity, said she plans to spend part of her spring break visiting a friend in Seattle.

“The coronavirus did reach them a few weeks ago, and they had their first recorded case,” Johnson said. “So, it’s kind of passed my mind, just like about concern for her.”

However, that person has since recovered.

When Kathryn Knight, a freshman, was asked if her spring break plans had been affected, she said, “It wasn’t really on my mind until you asked that question.”

But, Knight said she was thinking about her grandmother who was flying through Mongolia.

“They actually had to shut down the airport there, so she’s trying to get back as soon as possible,” Knight said.

Then there’s Zoe Heeter, a senior at Trinity, who said she plans to spend time “chilling in the wilderness, having a good time, relaxing.”

“It’s spring break, last one for me, too,” Heeter said. “I’m going to make it count.”

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