Family of woman killed by truck raises awareness for change on SA roadways

Oralia Castillo was a month away from retirement

San Antonio – The family of a woman who was struck and killed by a truck while crossing a dark, Northeast Side roadway is hoping their mother’s death motivates change in the area.

Oralia Castillo, 65, was crossing Nacogdoches Road to get to the Good Heart processing food plant, where she worked when she was hit. She had just bought breakfast tacos for her coworkers.

“I was working out of town six hours away that day,” said Michael Castillo, her son. “It was a state of shock. To this point, it is still a state of shock. Devastated is not the word of how our family is feeling right now.”

He said Sunday, instead of celebrating one of his sisters’ birthdays as they normally would, they spent the day planning a funeral for Oralia Castillo.

“We are going to miss everything about her,” Michael Castillo said. “She was there for all of the birthdays, she was there for every Christmas, every Thanksgiving and every Halloween. She was always there.”

He said his mother had a loving soul.

“Mama didn’t have a bad bone in her body,” Michael Castillo said. “She was a very loving mother. Nothing bad about her. She was very productive in her community and a very active church member. She worked all of her life for this beautiful house she loves.”

Unfortunately, Oralia was only a month away from retirement.

“She worked there for 11 years,” Michael Castillo said. “The factory had a gathering and dedication for her. The whole factory was there. Everyone loved her. She was known as ‘Mama’ in the factory and everybody looked at her as a motherly figure. She looked out for everybody, calling people ‘mijo’ and phrases like that.”

Michael Castillo said he hopes drivers are more careful in the area.

“I want the drivers to just consider that there are people out there,” Michael Castillo said. “Sometimes they have to walk to work or use the bus. Take a second thought. Don’t be on your cellphone and don’t be speeding. Keep your eyes open.”

He said he also hopes this tragic loss motivates change in the city.

“Makes me want to raise awareness for the city,” Michael Castillo said. “Maybe put some speed bumps up, get better lighting for drivers to be aware and try to prevent this from happening again because it really does affect a lot of people.”

Castillo said as they plan to take things a day at a time and as they plan their mother’s funeral for Friday, he hopes families of those killed in pedestrian-involved crashes stay strong.

“Continue your faith in God and continue going to church,” Michael Castillo said. “That is the only thing that could get you out of a situation like this.”

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