Egg hunters line up early at SA business

Porter Poultry and Eggs seeing high demand

SAN ANTONIO – Long before the rooster would crow, people scrambled to get in line at Porter Poultry and Eggs.

“It’s crazy," said shopper Ernest Garcia, who had just reached the front of the snaking line after waiting about an hour.

He was after one thing.

"Eggs, eggs, " he said. “Can’t find no eggs nowhere.”

With high demand at supermarkets, where crews are working around the clock to restock shelves, dairy and meat cases, eggs have turned into a hot commodity.

So, when lines began forming at 4.am. at Porter’s, located on the U.S. 90 West access road., owner Blanca Garcia said she opened at 5 a.m., an hour earlier that usual.

“We are here to serve - not gouging, not hoarding, don’t want more money than we need to make,” she said. “We want to get our people fed.”

The lines were orderly, if not always socially-distanced. At one point, a police officer arrived to control parking issues.

“My kids want eggs,” said Mary Jane De La Fuente, who said she had no luck at the grocery stores.

Garcia and her 86-year-old family business were eager to oblige. They are setting limits on some purchases to allow as many customers as possible to buy something.

She said the company just received three large shipments. There are eggs, but there are also supply chain challenges.

“These eggs are from California,” Garcia said. “Right now my daughter is on the phone with brokers across the United States.”

Porter Poultry and Eggs sells more than eggs. The freezer is stocked with beef, pork and, of course, poultry. Rice has also been in strong demand.

Garcia said the past two weeks have been significantly busier than usual, and they will continue to try to meet community needs in the weeks ahead.

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