Ranger Creek Brewing and Distilling makes hand sanitizer instead of whiskey amid coronavirus concerns

‘It just seemed natural, something we could do to help out the community’

SAN ANTONIO – After city officials shut down dine-in restaurant and bar operations, Ranger Creek Brewing and Distilling found a new way to do business.

In addition to their drive-up drink service featuring their beer and whiskey, tRanger Creek is also making and distributing hand sanitizer for anyone who may need it for free.

The Alcohol and Tobacco Trade and Tax Bureau last week lifted a law that prevents distilleries from making such high-proof alcohol, allowing companies to begin making hand sanitizer.

It’s a little bit different. You know, whiskey, you’re producing something with more flavor. This, we’re just trying to strip out all the flavor, produce the high-proof product to be sanitary and mix it with aloe vera and hydrogen peroxide to make hand sanitizer,” said Josh Gardner, head distiller at Ranger Creek, who added that it was only natural that they use their talents for good in this time of need.

Hand sanitizer is one of many essential flying off store shelves these days.

The company so far has made one batch of hand sanitizer.

Gardner said the company has received a lot of requests from organizations and companies for bulk orders. During distribution, anyone can drive up and pick up their order or one bottle per person. Keep up with them on their facebook page for details on the next batch and giveaway.

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