Is there a plan if COVID-19 cases rise after businesses reopen?

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SAN ANTONIO – Doctor Ruth Berggren is the Director for Medical Humanities and Ethics with UT Health and is part of the city and county’s transition task force. The group is made up of public health officials and medical experts developing a plan to safely get San Antonio back to “normal.”

“We strongly believe that human health and economic well-being are tightly linked and we prioritize human life in the face of this pandemic,” Berggren said.

With talk about the state reopening or loosening restrictions on businesses, viewers wanted to know ‘is there a plan if COVID-19 cases rise after opening businesses too soon?’

Dr. Berggren says yes, “as we monitor and evaluate the outcome of our plan, we’re going to have to recognize that if cases are going up in a certain sector, we’re going to have to pull back within that sector and impose more strict behaviors, more strict restrictions.”

WATCH the full interview with Dr. Berggren below:

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