Officers from Leon Valley PD get their first haircut in months

Police visit aimed to encourage community to help small businesses

LEON VALLEY – In Leon Valley, numerous police officers are stopping by a local barbershop, Righteous Cuts. They’re on-duty to help small business owners get back on their feet and encourage the community to get a haircut.

The doors at Righteous Cuts are back open, the clippers are buzzing and early Friday morning, owner Shawn Brown has welcomed his first customer since the COVID-19 shutdown.

“Several officers are coming in throughout the day, getting the first haircut that we've gotten in over two months,” Leon Valley Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio said. “We're a little bit shabby with our (long) hair.”

More officers are scheduled to make their visit to Brown’s chair to clean up.

“(Small businesses) have been some of the hardest hit because they couldn't do anything,” Salvaggio said. “(Before today), they couldn't open up to the 25% or do one-on-one (sessions) so, they've really been hurting for two months.”

Brown is a father of two and admits it’s been tough.

“Usually I would have at least two jobs,” Brown said. “This is my home away from home, and to have that taken away due to the outbreak was a setback for me.”

Although a setback unlike any other in Brown’s 35-year career, the barber along with his family helped remodel his shop. He said he wasn’t sure how the first day back would be but is hopeful business will pick up. Salvaggio and his officers have helped set the example by wearing a mask during the duration of their haircut.

“We definitely are urging everybody to support these guys so that we can ensure that we don't lose these businesses,” Salvaggio said.

The Leon Valley Police Department hopes their visit to Righteous Cuts will encourage more people to safely step out of their homes and help stimulate the economy.

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