Human remains discovered in downtown San Antonio park during city archeological investigation

Remains discovered as part of an archeological and cultural investigation at Milam Park

Milam Park
Milam Park (City of San Antonio)

SAN ANTONIO – Human remains have been discovered at Milam Park as part of an archaeological and cultural investigation, according to a press release from the city of San Antonio.

City Archaeologist Shawn Marceaux provided the following statement in regards to the discovery:

On Wednesday, May 13, the archaeological investigation for the Santa Rosa Street 2017 bond project identified what are likely human burial remains. Following the discovery, work immediately ceased in the area and the archaeology team established a buffer around the discovery. The Office of Historic Preservation City Archaeologists were first notified by the Principal Archaeologist for Pape-Dawson Wednesday morning. City, state, and project officials, and local descendant groups, were notified of the discovery per requirements in the Texas Antiquities Permit and Human Burial Remains Protocol.

The City has worked with these groups throughout the process to ensure any such finds were treated with the respect and dignity they deserve, and in compliance with state and local laws and regulations.

The Principal Archaeologist has consulted with the Office of Historic Preservation and the Texas Historical Commission to determine an appropriate investigation plan moving forward. Archaeologists will continue to carefully investigate the area to gather additional information regarding the discovery.

The investigation, which is being conducted under an antiquities permit, is part of a larger 2017-2022 Bond Program Project to improve streets and corridors around Milam Park, the release states.

“The Cultural Investigation was built into the Bond Project timeline at a cost of $270,000.00 for the archaeological work,” city spokesperson Joe Conger told KSAT via email.

The bond program is expected to bring more than 200 miles of new sidewalks to the city and improve 25% of San Antonio’s parks, among other things.

Archaeologists and project managers will be at the conference discussing the recent findings along with what to expect next from the project.

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