Alamo Biscuit Company uses disinfecting portal to keep customers safe amid COVID-19 pandemic

Customers entering or leaving the restaurant can be lightly misted with hand sanitizer

With the push of a button, customers who walk into Alamo Biscuit Company will get a light mist of hand sanitizer on their entire body.

SAN ANTONIO – One San Antonio restaurant has developed a new, quirky way to keep customers safe as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to surge in the area.

The Alamo Biscuit Company, on Huebner Road, is taking its COVID-19 precautions one step further. The company now has what they call a ‘disinfecting portal’ at the front of their doors.

That means before you walk in and before you leave, you can be lightly misted with hand sanitizer on your entire body with one push of a button.

“The caution sign will let the customer know it’s completely optional and to cover their eyes and their mouth. It’s the one thing we do require. It’s completely safe for your skin,” said Owner John Vale.

It’s not proven the mist offers any additional level of protection, and while the disinfecting portal is not mandatory to enter the restaurant, masks are.

However, masks can be removed while you’re eating.

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