Will students have to adhere to dress codes during virtual-only learning?

Three San Antonio-area school districts weigh in on teaching in the COVID-19 era

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SAN ANTONIO – There are many things different about a return to school this year and that includes the dress code.

Unlike most years when students pick out their best new outfit, many students may be starting school in their pajamas this year. And as long as those pjs are appropriate, school districts say that’s not a problem.

KSAT reached out to three of the area’s largest school districts, San Antonio Independent School District, North East Independent School District and Northside Independent School District, to see what a return to school will look like—dressed up or down —in front of a screen.

NEISD officials said they don’t plan to enforce a dress code during online-only learning.

“But anything deemed inappropriate by our code of conduct would be addressed,” NEISD said in a statement.

A full list of all dress code items deemed inappropriate can be found by clicking here.

SAISD officials said that uniforms will still be required when students are attending in-person classes, but not if students are participating in remote learning.

A list of uniform requirements by the SAISD can be found by clicking here.

An NISD spokesperson told KSAT “We have not addressed any dress code in our district Playbook for reopening. No doubt if at any time there was a concern, it would be addressed on a case by case basis.”

A full list of dress code requirements by NISD can be found by clicking here.

The districts said individual schools may vary on the enforcement of the dress code policies during remote learning.

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