Pandemic plays ‘huge role’ in Republican National Convention, San Antonio professor says

KSAT Q&A: UTSA Political science professor weighs in

Dr. John Taylor, Chair of political science at the University of Texas San Antonio, weighs in on what questions need answered at the Republican National Convention.

SAN ANTONIO – Over the course of four days, the 2020 Republican National Convention takes place in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s a chance for the party to plead their case to voters as to why President Donald Trump should be re-elected and other Republicans should get their vote.

The president kicked off day one of the convention Monday night by officially accepting the Republican renomination.

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Dr. John Taylor, chair of political science and geography at the University of Texas San Antonio, said many are hoping the convention will provide some answers to the nation’s biggest questions: the coronavirus pandemic and law and order.

What does the president need to do to reach out to undecided voters?

“He’s going to have to talk about such things as where he’s going to take take the country in terms of what happened after the meltdown in March and April. How we’re going to resolve the COVID-19 crisis. How we’re going to basically restart the economy, jobs, jobs, jobs. You better be talking about that,” Dr. Taylor said. “There’s also worries about law and order, and that is a theme that’s going to be touched on, I think, all four days of the Republican convention.”

Some other key topics Taylor hopes the President touches on are trade issues with China and taxes.

“He needs to make the case why he deserves to be re-elected. What’s he going to do for the next four years?” Taylor said.

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President Trump made an in-person appearance during day one of the convention but is back in Washington D.C. He is still expected to make virtual appearances each day of the convention, much like we saw from Democrats throughout the Democratic National Convention last week. However, most speakers on day one of the RNC were in-person and supporters gathered in the crowd.

How do you think the pandemic is going to play into the RNC?

“I think it plays a huge role. The question, again, is about competence of this administration, how successful they’ve actually been in handling the crisis,” Taylor explained. “There’s there’s a real difference in this regard and how Republicans and Democrats view this issue and how we go forward from there.”

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