291K pound pressure vessel could cause traffic delays in Lavaca, Gonzales Counties

Vessel will travel from Lavaca County to Moulton, Shiner then to Victoria

Pressure vessel will travel to Victoria Wednesday. (Andy Behlen, Fayette County Record, Andy Behlen, Fayette County Record)

LAVACA COUNTY, Texas – A massive pressure vessel could cause some traffic delays in Lavaca and Gonzales Counties today as it makes its way to Victoria.

The pressure vessel reportedly weighs about 291,000 pounds, that’s more than 145 tons.

Lavaca County officials warned drivers to expect delays as the vessel is transported through Lavaca County on SH 95, through Moulton to FM 3435, then to US90A at Shiner and to Gonzales County.

The vessel’s final destination is Victoria.

A pressure vessel is a container that holds gases or liquids at a pressure substantially different than the pressure outside the container.

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