Screening underway for COVID-19 vaccine trial

‘High risk’ minority groups encouraged to participate

SAN ANTONIO – Screening for another COVID19 vaccination trial is beginning in San Antonio Monday.

Clinical Trials of Texas is the lab conducting the study. Doctors there say that there is no way participants will become infected by taking the vaccine.

About two months ago, Christopher Sandles and his wife decided to participate in a COVID-19 vaccine trial at Clinical Trials of Texas. Now that another one is getting ready to begin in a few days, he’s encouraging others to do the same.

“First of all, we just need to be brave… When I was hearing we didn’t have enough individuals of color that were participating in some of the vaccine studies, I kind of saw it as it is my duty to do so,” Sandles said.

The name of the pharmaceutical company manufacturing the vaccine for the upcoming trial hasn’t been released yet, but Dr. Ayo Avworo is already encouraging Latinos and Blacks to participate because of their high risk factors.

“We know that the cases of COVID-19 in Blacks and Latinos is disproportionately higher than it is in white people…. They are twice as likely to die from this infection,” Dr. Avworo said.

People of all races without a prior history of COVID19 and no or well managed preexisting conditions are eligible to be screened. Sandles said, for him the decision was a no-brainer.

“I think about those in the African-American community that have come before me and the sacrifices that they’ve made. This to me was an easy one that I can make,” Sandles said.

For this particular study researchers are looking for 300-400 participants.

If you’re chosen you will receive a stipend, and a COVID-19 warrior T-shirt.

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