Schertz family alleging misuse of police force during teen’s arrest seeks justice in case

Small group gathered at Tuesday’s city council meeting in Schertz

SCHERTZ, Texas – The family of Zekee Rayford is demanding justice after they say Schertz police officers mishandled his arrest earlier this month.

Rayford was tackled and tased on Nov. 2 in front of his home by Schertz police officers after he drove through a red light.

Rayford’s arrest, and how it was handled, was all caught on his family’s security camera system.

Police say Rayford, who has prior arrests on his record, ran away from officers after they pulled over his vehicle outside his home.

Rayford was charged with evading arrest in a motor vehicle, resisting arrest and detention and possession of marijuana.

The family says the video shows misuse of force by the acting officers and has since hired a legal team.

Rayford’s sister, Marie Bonds, said Rayford is not physically or mentally well after the incident.

“He deserves justice, and we’re going to fight until he gets it,” she said. “At any point, we should never be scared of the people that are supposed to protect and serve us.”

Star Macias, one of Rayford’s supporters during a gathering, said she could only stomach the graphic video for so long.

“I can only watch up to a certain point, at the point where there was fear in his eyes that was clearly recognizable,” Macias said.

Police officers Megan Fennesy, with the department for more than two years; Danielle Apgar, who’s been on the force since 2015; and Frank Chavarria, who recently left the Converse Police Department; were involved in the incident with Rayford.

Gabrielle Gonzales, one of Rayford’s supporters, said she questions how many more instances like this would have to happen for change to occur.

“I don’t know how much longer Black lives have to just stand and take the abuse,” Gonzales said.

Ralph Guttierez, the mayor of Schertz, addressed Rayford’s group of supporters at the gathering, saying he understood their pain but that communities depend on laws to be followed.

“It is regrettable our city is enduring this situation. However, when laws are broken, we turn to our law enforcement to restore order and protect our community,” Gutierrez said.

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