KSAT Community: Here’s why SA Youth says holiday stockings, arts and crafts matter for at-risk youths

Nonprofit needs help stuffing stockings for children

SAN ANTONIO – Many people, especially children, are in need of joy as we head into the holiday season. That’s why KSAT Community has partnered up with SA Youth to spread hope and fun through holiday stockings.

It’s a long wishlist for 650 students, but it doesn’t list the latest toy or device. The wishlist is a vision to help students at-risk succeed and smile.

“This is so important,” Asia Ciaravino, President and CEO of SA Youth. “I just think, what better (thing) to do to make you happy during the holidays than to give to a child that needs it. Let’s spread as much joy and cheer as we possibly can right now during COVID-19.”

There are two ways people can donate: monetary contributions or delivering items to SA Youth’s office located at 1215 West Poplar Street near downtown.

“The goal is 650 stockings at $25 a piece,” Ciaravino said. “That’s a lot of money, but they deserve it.”

Staff and volunteers at SA Youth will personally fill the stockings with items that foster creativity and imagination and give students a break from their screens.

“(We need) bouncy balls, crayons, markers, any kind of construction paper, fun stuff,” Ciaravino said.

Mini plush toys, sticker-pads, books or other items that may fit in a stocking are also welcomed.

SA Youth needs helps stuffing stockings for children at-risk
SA Youth needs helps stuffing stockings for children at-risk (Copyright 2020 by KSAT - All rights reserved.)

Allyce Ramon, SA Youth’s Out-of-School Time senior director, said art supplies are key to keeping students motivated and engaged in school and in their homes.

“They really love doing art,” Ramon said. “They really love explaining their feelings in a way, visually, that everybody can understand. Sometimes it’s hard for them to find their words.”

SA Youth hopes to soon begin receiving donations to stuff the stockings.

A designated time will need to be coordinated by SA Youth to receive item donations at their office. Call ahead at 210-223-3131.

The deadline to donate to the campaign is Friday, Dec. 18.

To donate online, click here.

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