‘Stronger together’: San Antonio nurse who worked during first COVID-19 surge in New York shares message of unity

Local nurse may travel to El Paso to help hospitals as COVID-19 cases continue to climb

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio nurse who was on the frontlines in New York during the first wave of COVID-19 spikes in the U.S. may travel to El Paso next to help out with the city’s surging cases.

“A lot of people getting sick and passing away, and there are trucks now like there were in New York, and it just breaks my heart,” said Natasha Gonzales, a registered nurse.

On April 13, Gonzales traveled to New York to help overwhelmed hospitals. She was supposed to be there for only 21 days.

“The need was so great that they gave us the option to extend, and so I extended for eight more weeks,” Gonzales said.

She was working 15-hour days and seven days a week.

“Family members crying and having to give news to the family members and things like that, so it’s hard,” Gonzales said.

KSAT first interviewed Gonzales when she was in New York. She shared how difficult the days were.

“I know that we helped the community and the people of New York, and that was our goal,” Gonzales said.

After returning from New York, Gonzales began working on her doctoral degree to be a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. Although she is studying, she is thinking about working on the frontlines again.

“I do have a winter break coming up, and I have started talking to a few people about maybe going to El Paso to help,” Gonzales said.

As COVID-19 cases continue to climb in Texas, Gonzales believes we can help each other.

“We’re stronger together. Just stay safe. You can still live your life, but be safe, be cautious,” Gonzales said.

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