Cash-back apps, sites put jingle in your pocket

Users share their success with Fetch Rewards, Rakuten

Cash-back apps are the new coupons.

If you’re not scanning receipts and earning money from purchases you’re already making, you are missing out.

There are many cash-back apps and websites available that can help you earn hundreds of dollars. Here are two of the easiest to use.

Fetch Rewards App

Just install it on your phone and snap a picture of every receipt you get. You can earn points from any receipt from any store. You’ll get at least 25 points for every grocery receipt.

If you purchase certain items featured on the app, you get extra points. One thousand points equal $1. You can redeem those points for gift cards to retailers like Amazon or even a Mastercard or Visa gift card.

Nina Wood from Texas City let her points accrue before she claimed a $35 Amazon e-gift card. The fastest ways to earn points on the app is by referring people. Fetch members earn 2,000 points for every friend they refer and their friends will get 2,000 points, too, when they scan their first receipt.

You can also link your Amazon account and email to get points from Fetch for online purchases as well.


Lisa Carr and her husband are hooked on Rakuten. Through its website, formerly EBates, you can earn cash back every time you shop. Rakuten has more than 3,000 retail partners. When you buy something, for example, at Old Navy, just shop through the Rakuten portal to earn 5% of your purchase back. Every quarter, Rakuten mails a check to you or sends your earnings to your PayPal account.

Carr has earned $737.73 since she started using Rakuten in 2016. Rakuten’s extension that you can add to your browser makes sure you never miss a cash-back opportunity. It will alert you if there are offers from a specific retailer before you check out. All you have to do is click “activate rebate” to get the money. You can still use promo codes and coupons.

You can earn $30 for referring a friend.

In time for holiday shopping, Rakuten is giving 15% cash back for shopping on Thanksgiving day.