The tiny home movement is becoming more popular in these states

North Carolina, Florida and Texas ranked in top 8

A tiny home is a house that is smaller than 400 square feet.

A few years ago, we saw what many refer to as a tiny home movement, and it looks like that movement is starting to pick up steam across several states.

The latest report from HomeAdvisor, broke down the most popular states for the tiny home life movement.

The company turned to Instagram for posts tagged with the #tinyliving hashtag.

Here are the top eight:

Starting on the east coast – North Carolina comes in at number eight. Business Insider referred to a 2019 memo from the North Carolina Department of Insurance, which said “tiny homes are acceptable as permanent single-family dwellings in North Carolina provided they meet the following minimum requirements.”

Coming in at number seven: Arizona. It had counties ease regulations for possible tiny home communities.

Ranked sixth is Washington state.

In fifth place is Oregon, but the city of Portland appears to be the most popular individual city for tiny homes.

At number four is Texas. The Lone Star State has a slew of tiny home communities across the state, especially in and around Austin.

Third place goes to Colorado, where there is even an annual Colorado tiny house festival.

Florida has the second most amount of tiny homes according to HomeAdvisor’s research. Communities like Orlando Lakefront is a popular tiny home spot.

And in first place is California. There were high concentrations of tiny living posts tagged in LA and San Diego, specifically. City officials throughout California have turned to tiny home villages as solutions for the homelessness crisis.

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