Scooby Doo Van of San Antonio launches South Side chapter with free ‘little libraries’

Free books, Scooby snacks and fun

Scooby Doo van on South Side (Live From the Southside)

Editor’s note: This story was published through a partnership between KSAT and Live From the Southside, a new local- and Latina-owned magazine that works to improve & expand community relationships through promoting events, stories and businesses.

The local nonprofit Scooby Van of San Antonio has expanded with a South Side chapter to influence more reading and connect children in the community with learning opportunities and events.

Live from the Southside will lead the new chapter and will also be teaming up with local small businesses in the community to place “little libraries” throughout the area.

Business owners Patricia Butler (Coffeecionado) and Norman Velez (Brooster’s Backyard Icehouse) have also stepped in and teamed up with Live from the Southside and the Scooby Van to take book donations and promote more reading and education through family-friendly events at their establishments.

“We are all so excited about doing this for our community and hope that these ‘Little Libraries’ are cared for and they bring joy to our neighborhoods,” said April Monterrosa, Editor in Chief of Live from the Southside.

Coffeecionado (502 W Mitchell, San Antonio, TX 78204) hosted an event in November as the official launch of the partnership and for the South Side community to get to know the Scooby Van team, enjoy books and snacks and take pics with the van.

Brooster’s Backyard Icehouse (815 Pleasanton Rd, San Antonio, TX 78214) will be the book drop off station and the first Scooby Van “Little Library” station.

Join the Southside Chapter of the Scooby Van of San Antonio to celebrate the launch of the Little Free Library at Brooster’s Backyard Icehouse on Saturday, December 26, 2020, at 4pm – 7pm, there will also be free books and Scooby snacks for the kids.

Bring a book for the library, take a book, or just come for the fun and excitement!

This is the first of many Little Free Library launches in the Southside community sponsored by the Scooby Van of San Antonio. Please join us and be a part of bringing the Southside together through literacy.

For more information and/or how you can team up with the Scooby Van of San Antonio Southside chapter, contact:

Scooby Doo van (Live From the Southside)

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