Retired jailer arrested, accused of directing inmates to conduct his cell checks

Danilo Molina, 68, charged with falsifying a government document

Bexar County Jail, Sheriff

SAN ANTONIO – A Bexar County jailer who had been with the sheriff’s office for roughly 30 years was arrested Wednesday on charges of falsifying a government document, according to Sheriff Javier Salazar.

Danilo Molina, 68, posted his $2,000 bail and was released from jail later that day, court records showed.

Salazar said Molina retired last year shortly after a deputy told his supervisor that Molina would have inmates conduct cell checks.

As part of the alleged scheme, Molina would give his hand-held sensor to the inmate, who would use it during the cell checks to show that a deputy checked on the cell.

Molina would then falsify the records, indicating that he checked the cells himself.

“That’s problematic for several reasons,” Salazar said.

Deputies are specially trained on cell checks to look for signs of distress or unresponsiveness.

“The more damaging part is how many young deputies did he show to do this very thing?” Salazar said.

The sheriff, along with recent predecessors, has faced widespread discipline issues among deputies.

Salazar said it was important to submit the criminal case against Molina to send other deputies a message.

“We’re holding this person accountable for their own actions, but we’re sending the message to anybody that may be considering doing the same thing,” Salazar said.

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