Kamala Harris’ Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sisters celebrate historic inauguration

‘When you see it, the dream becomes possible,’ local chapter president says

Members of Vice President Kamala Harris’ beloved Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., are sounding off on the night of her historic inauguration, speaking about the historic moment and its impact on the future.

“It’s absolutely amazing,” said Jackie Gorman, who is the current president of the local Alpha Alpha Xi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. “I am just beyond proud.”

Gorman says seeing her sorority sister, now Vice President Kamala Harris, who joined Howard University’s Alpha Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha in the spring of 1986, as the first person of color and woman to take the oath of office, symbolizes a dream realized for her sorority sisters.

“If you can imagine that Alpha Kappa Alpha was started by women who were one generation removed from slavery,” Gorman said. “One hundred and thirteen years ago, did they ever imagine that this day would happen? Gorman said.”

Fellow AKA Shalonda Davis says she noticed leadership qualities in Harris when they met at a sorority conference years ago.

“It makes me feel ecstatic,” Davis said. “Just to have that moment to speak with her, you know, no cameras around and just have her share with me as a Black woman, her dreams and her goals and then as a sorority sister, to have that moment with her was something that I will never forget.”

On inauguration day, the bells at Howard University rang dozens of times before the president’s inaugural address. The moment was also meaningful for fellow AKA Kristanie Castillo, who was initiated into the same chapter as Harris at Howard and never doubted that this day would come.

“We have always had the skills, the competencies, the confidence and the tools that are necessary for us to ascend,” Castillo said.

The “sorors” say the vice president’s representation is renewed proof that anything is possible, regardless of race or gender.

“You can only dream so much until you actually see it. When you see it, the dream becomes possible.” Gorman said.

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