South Bexar County shooting range closing down until owner receives accreditation from NRA

Neighbors have complained about shooting range for years

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas – The battle over bullets seems to be on hold for now for a south Bexar County neighborhood.

Neighbors in the Buena Vista neighborhood said they have been dodging bullets since the shooting range at 281 Country Club went up several years ago.

Alejandro Zepeda said a bullet grazed him, and documents show complaints made over the years.

“I got hit in the back, on my shoulder,” he told KSAT.

ORIGINAL STORY: Residents in South Bexar County neighborhood forced to take cover as bullets zing by them from nearby property

Last week, Jorge Trevino, who is part-owner of the club, said there was no proof the bullets came from his property.

On Monday, KSAT learned he’s decided to keep the shooting range closed until he gets accreditation from the National Rifle Association, even though he says it’s not needed.

Meanwhile, the Bexar County Fire Marshal’s Office is involved in making sure any structures used by the business comply with state rules.