South Side coffee trailer hosts drive for feminine products

Southbound Coffee’s effort is in celebration of Women’s History Month and menstrual hygiene

A local coffee trailer has teamed up with a nonprofit to celebrate Women's History Month and address the need for period products in the area.

SAN ANTONIO – They may be known for their coffee, but this week Southbound Coffee has created a buzz on social media because of a little pink donation box outside of the business.

Earlier this week, Adriana Ruiz, owner and barista of Southbound Coffee announced on Instagram she was teaming up with a local nonprofit to celebrate Women’s History Month and address a common issue in many areas of the world, including San Antonio.

“I reached out to Periods United’s (local chapter) Periods SATX,” Ruiz said. “I just kind of wanted to see what we can do together and use our platforms to, again, raise awareness for a period poverty.

Period poverty is defined as lack of access to feminine hygiene products.

So far, customers have donated feminine products including boxes of tampons, liners and pads. In exchange for a donation, customers will receive a 20% discount on their order. Ruiz said this is a celebration of menstrual hygiene.

“It’s something that’s completely natural and all women go through,” Ruiz said. Ruiz hopes this drive can start or continue the conversation about periods.

“I don’t understand why we can’t just talk about it, as, you know, over coffee… or, you know, sharing posts about it through social media,” Ruiz said.

Periods SATX will help with the distribution however, to which organizations has yet to be determined.

Southbound Coffee is located within The Corner Lot on Carle at 103 Carle Avenue and is open until 2:00 PM everyday except for Mondays.

Donations will be accepted during the entire month of March.

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