‘They are really amazing’: Restaurant using its regenerative burgers to help support San Antonio Food Bank

The Cove is raising money through its food to help the community

SAN ANTONIO – Wholesome meats is a new company that is working with farmers and ranchers in multiple states, including here in the state of Texas.

Their burgers are products of a natural process called regenerative farming and a local San Antonio restaurant is now using their food to create burgers to help the San Antonio Food Bank.

Lisa Asvestas is the owner of The Cove, a local restaurant that aims for fresh, organic, sustainable and delicious food.

They (the Wholesome Meats burgers) are really amazing,” Asvestas said. “I really can tell the quality of the meat as I put it right here on the on the grill. I mean, it just it tastes so good.”

Wholesome Meats uses regenerative agriculture to produce their beef.

“This concept of regeneration is just is so exciting because it’s not just sustainable. We’re not just sustaining something. We’re actually regenerating something,” Asvestas said.

It seems simple, yet is good for the environment.

“Regenerative agriculture is a set of principles and techniques that farmers and ranchers use to help heal the planet. They graze their cattle on land and rotate them through different parts of their land so they never overgraze. They don’t use chemicals or hormones and they always keep the ground covered,” Kent Wuthrich, CEO of Wholesome Meats said. “That actually allows the grass to bring carbon from the atmosphere into the soil, which builds healthy, rich topsoil, capturing carbon and basically healing the planet.”

Not only are these burgers delicious, nutritious and all-natural, they are also helping the San Antonio Food Bank on Tuesday.

“Part of our mission is, you know, is local and part of local means that we’re supporting one another. So, yeah, so people come here and eat and then that money is supporting the Food Bank. So it’s like it’s a win win win for the community,” Asvestas said.

Right now, Wholesome Meats is working with ranchers in Texas, Oregon, California and Wisconsin with a goal to give people healthy, nutritious beef and leave them with a cleaner planet.

“The farmers and ranchers are our heroes. We want them to become rich again. We want them to feel proud about what they’re doing and to raise cattle in a way that’s responsible and humane. And again, that heals the planet for all of us,” Wuthrich said.

If you are interested in Wholesome Meats, you can check out their processes here.

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