Well-known musical performers help Metro Health reach vulnerable communities

PSA’s use music, lyrics to encourage vaccinations

SAN ANTONIO – To help reach San Antonio’s vulnerable minority communities, Metro Health is using some well-known musical performers to urge their fans and others to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Little Joe, of Little Joe y La Familia, Mariachis Campanas de America and urban pop artist Simply Rayne have done public service announcements to help get them message out.

Little Joe was diagnosed with COVID-19 last summer but has since recovered. You can read more about his COVID-19 journey here.

“I think sharing this important message through music is such a great way to do it. So, I was on board completely,” Rayne said.

Juan Ortiz, founder of the famed mariachi group based in San Antonio who survived an eight-week battle with COVID-19, said, “I’ve been trying to get involved with this pandemic and using the venue of the mariachi.”

Ortiz said he jumped at the opportunity since he’d already using his own experience to write the lyrics.

Michelle Vigil, a spokeswoman for Metro Health, said, the goal of the PSA’s was to reach segments of the community who have been hardest hit by the pandemic.

Vigil said the goal is to make sure everyone “is protected, safe, healthy and able to access the care they need to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”


“Esta el COVID todavia”: Un mensaje de Juan Ortiz de Mariachi Campanas de America

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