Clark High School students gathering donations, writing letters for migrant children

The number of unaccompanied migrant children housed at Freeman Coliseum doubled overnight

San Antonio – Bexar County Commissioner Justin Rodriguez said Thursday evening that 1,000 teens are being housed at the Freeman Coliseum’s Expo Center.

Clark High School students are stepping up and gathering donations for the children.

“I feel compassion and I just feel such an urge and responsibility as an American citizen to do all I can to help them,” said Jacob Hesita, student at Clark High School.

Clark High School students Hesita and Rachel McLaren said they feel connected to the migrant children.

“I’m the child of two immigrant parents from the Philippines, so I understand the importance of having a welcoming community toward the immigrants so they feel wanted and included,” Hesita said.

“My parents are immigrants as well. I know a lot of people have immigrants in their family and are directly affected by immigration,” McLaren said.

The migrant children are being housed in the Alamo City while they wait to be reunited with sponsors or family members.

“It’s almost the simplest things that do really comfort people,” McLaren said.

Students with the Spanish National Honor Society at Clark High School are working closely with the nonprofit Students of Service to collect donations and letters for the migrant children.

“Toothbrush, toothpaste, basic clothing like socks, and we’re also looking for entertainment items such as soccer balls, board games,” Hesita said.

“We want them to feel less stress and less anxiety about the whole process,” said Marion Torres, director for special projects at Students of Service.

Students of Service will be posting more information on their social media sites about how you can participate. You can also learn more here on its website.

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