TPWD: Touching or interacting with wild animals can be dangerous when outdoors

During Spring and Summer, hundreds of young wild animals are unnecessarily picked up by the general public

Touching or interacting with wild animals can be dangerous when being outdoors

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, many species— including birds, deer and snakes—are active this time of year and their young often stray away or appear to be abandoned.

Animals that are most often picked up by well-meaning citizens are baby birds and deer fawn however, you should avoid lending a helping hand, Texas wildlife experts say.

Many human-animal encounters are unnecessary and can even be detrimental to the wildlife.

When it comes to deer, a doe may leave her fawn for hours at a time while she is looking for food.

Sometimes people may spot the fawn lying alone in tall grass and try to help thinking that it may have been abandoned and needs help, but biologists say this is rarely the case.

This also applies to birds, if the bird’s eyes are open, it has a coat of feathers and is hopping around, it is probably fine.

Grounded baby birds will usually be up and flying within a few days, experts say.

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