Newly elected Helotes city leaders say they are unified to bring change to the city

Mayor-elect promises transparency, accessibility, improved communication

The trio says they want everyone's concerns to be heard.
The trio says they want everyone's concerns to be heard.

HELOTES, TexasFind more coverage of the 2021 election here.

With the population approaching 12,000, the city of Helotes is growing rapidly -- and changing when it comes to city government.

A major change will occur on May 13 when the city gets a new mayor and two council members.

On Saturday, Rich Whitehead defeated Mayor Tom Schoolcraft, who had served as mayor for 14 years.

”People we’re looking for a change in the way they were being treated at City Hall,” Whitehead said Monday.

Matt McCrossen, who defeated the incumbent for Place 3, Nobert “Bert” Buys, agreed.

”We’re looking forward to a new direction going forward for the next several years with a different focus, obviously,” McCrossen said.

That focus, both he and Whitehead said, is improved communication.

”It was just amazing to me how many people felt like their concerns were being disregarded,” Whitehead said.

The third new council member is Matt Merchant who won the Place 5 seat over incumbent Paul Friedrichs.

All three men will be officially sworn in on May 13.

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