You may be ready for summer, but is your backyard?

Tips on how to get ready for a backyard bash

Summer is here and we’re all ready to head outside and have some fun. But before we do, it’s important to get our outdoors spaces ready.

“You’ll want to start with a clean slate, so the first step is a good cleanup. Removing those twigs, branches or leaves from past seasons is a good first step. Once you’ve got that done, give your grass a good mow,” says Bailey Carson a home expert at Angi.

Next, you’ll want to tackle some basic cleaning like power washing your deck and dusting off your outdoor furniture. If necessary, add a fresh coat of paint to the furniture to get it looking like new.

Now that your backyard is really starting to look good, how can you make it feel good?

“Don’t let bugs and insects ruin your outdoor fun. Instead of coating yourself with bug spray each time you go outside, consider planting some bug-repelling plants in your garden like marigolds, citronella and lemon balm can do the trick, Carson says.

With the right setup and effort, you can transform your yard into the place you’ll want to spend most of your time this summer. Get creative – the possibilities are endless.

“If you have the time and budget, think about installing an outdoor TV. It can make for some really fun outdoor movie nights. If you want to go even bigger, think about having a pro install that dream outdoor kitchen. Investing in your outdoor living space typically has a great ROI,” Carson said.