House left ‘destroyed’ puzzles, worries NE side neighbors

‘Nice house’ online value estimated at $300,000

Prior to its dismantling, the home was valued at over $300,000.

SAN ANTONIO – At first, neighbors in the Pheasant Ridge subdivision said they thought the two-story vacant house in the 5300 block of Stormy Skies was being remodeled, until Luis Montenegro, who lives next door, saw a man on the roof with a chainsaw.

“Something was just off about the remodel they were doing, they were claiming to do, at least,” Montenegro said.

Neighbors said eventually, the roof was mostly gone, so was the siding and the windows, along with practically everything else over several days.

“You can just see through the house, the sides, the front, just two by fours,” Montenegro said. “It’s just sad that a really nice house was destroyed like this.”

Timothy Davis, who lives nearby, said, “You’d think that a tornado came through and set down on that house, then went back up.”

There was no other damage around it, he said.

Davis said he worries the house will attract curiosity seekers, including children in the neighborhood out of school for the summer.

“What’s going to stop them from going inside of that house and something collapses on them?” he asked.

Montenegro said he approached a man who was taking photos of the house as if he was assessing the damage.

“He said he was a contractor and was going to be the one working here on the house,” Montenegro said.

However, a code enforcement officer at the house Tuesday, posted a “stop work” order that’s issued when there is no permit for the work being done.

A spokeswoman said if no permit is pulled, a citation will be issued to appear in court.

She also said an inspector would be there Wednesday to decide what needs to be done about the house, including securing the property.

KSAT 12 NEWS has learned the house at one time was involved in a lawsuit that led to an eviction and foreclosure.

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