Steps you can take to make your summer trip smoother

Travel has rebounded sharply and with it comes plenty of headaches for consumers

Steps you can take to make your summer trip smoother

From jammed packed planes to scarce rental cars travelers are finding the summer of 2021 to present more than the usual challenges. Consumer reports recently listed some steps you can take to help make your summer trip smoother should a problem arise.

Start by using a credit card, not a debit card, when you book the big transactions. Under federal law, credit cards offer more protections like the ability to dispute unfair charges or errors.

In addition, many credit cards offer travel rewards programs giving you cash back or points toward future travel.

Also, make sure you document all of your travel transactions. Take pictures of your rental car before you leave the lot and when you return the vehicle. Keep track of customer reps you talk with, getting their names and titles.

Also, double-check the paper work to make sure the amount you’re being charged is accurate. An executive with a consumer group says some rental car customers were recently hit with surprise cleaning fees, in some cases the were $400 or more.

If you do run into a problem, be prepared to be persistent in order to get it resolved. Some recommend posting on social media in an attempt to resolve an issue, but keep in mind some companies are much more responsive than others in monitoring their social media accounts.

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