What bacteria and viruses live inside us? Witte Museum debuts exhibit on human microbiome

‘The Secret World Inside You’ opens at Witte Museum Saturday morning

The Witte is opening a revealing exhibition on the human microbiome on Saturday, Oct. 16.

SAN ANTONIO – Ever wondered what exactly makes up our bodies and what those components looks like? On Saturday, the Witte Museum will debut “The Secret World Inside You” which take guests on a journey into the microbiome that makes you, you.

The exhibit is organized by the American Museum of Natural History in New York and features larger-than-life models, videos, art installations and live presentations. Interactive displays also offer new perspectives about bacteria, viruses and other microbes that live inside our bodies.

In a press release, President and CEO of the Witte Museum, Marise McDermott said, “‘The Secret World Inside You’ exhibition is accessible and engaging, even given the complicated information on health.”

The exhibit comes at a time when the world is still dealing with and learning about the coronavirus that has affected millions.

“Encountering globally important scientists to provide the latest information on the microbiome will be eye-opening for all,” McDermott said.

A lab featuring partner scientists from UTSA, Texas Biomed, University Health as well as educators from Metro Health and the Witte will be featured every Saturday. “Saturday’s with a Scientist” will offer a chance for visitors to meet the “major Microbe” and microbiome puppets, Gram-Positive and Gram Negative. The puppets will help explain the structure of bacteria and illustrate how vaccines and antibiotics can be effective.

“The Secret World Inside You” will be available for viewing until April of next year. Tickets are $5 plus museum admission.

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