Witness describes scene after deadly drag racing crash in Kerrville

The crash happened Saturday during the Kerrville “Airport Race Wars 2″ drag racing event

The family fun event quickly turned to tragedy when a racer lost control near the finish line, going close to top speed, and crashed into spectators. Officials said two children were killed and multiple others were injured.

KERRVILLE, Texas – Two children are dead and several others are injured after a car participating in a drag race event lost control and hit other cars and spectators, according to Kerrville police.

The crash happened Saturday during the Kerrville “Airport Race Wars 2″ drag racing event that was held at the Kerrville-Kerr County Airport.

Police say a six-year-old and an eight-year-old were killed. Six others were taken to the hospital including a 3-month-old baby and the 34-year-old driver. Two others were also treated at the scene.

The Kerr County Lead reporter Louis Amestoy covered the drag race event Saturday. He had left by the time of the crash but returned when he heard what happened and witnessed the aftermath.

“He came up across the crowd hit the kids, hit the other people that were there and then came to rest against a trailer and another pickup truck,” Amestoy said.

Amestoy said there were no barriers to stop the driver.

According to Amestoy, there were close to 3,000 people in attendance and more safety measures needed to be taken. He even mentioned his safety concerns in his reporting prior to the event, writing “Race cars can be widely unpredictable - especially in the hands of inexperienced drivers.”

He explained the barriers didn’t extend all the way through the end of the race track and that spectators were only about 30 feet away from the track.

“Even the pro guys lose control so you put this with amateur guys and you’re going to have a problem. So I thought to myself, there’s a lot of little issues here that need to be addressed need to be buttoned up before this goes on,” Amestoy said.

KSAT did reach out to the Kerr County Judge about the safety concerns and are waiting to hear back.

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