Buc-cee’s sues another Texas gas station claiming it’s a copycat

Texas’ beloved Buc-ee’s is lawyered up once again

The two logos used in this photo were provided in the lawsuit document "United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas Houston Division: Buc-ee's, Ltd. v. Bukys LLC" (Lawsuit documents filed in State of Texas)

SUGAR LAND, Texas – Popular Texas travel stop Buc-ee’s has lawyered up once again after officials with the company say a Texas gas station is ripping them off.

Buc-ee’s has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against a Sugar Land business called Bukys claiming the latter is nothing more than a knockoff, reports KSAT sister station KPRC.

“This is an action for trademark infringement, trademark dilution, unfair competition and false designation of origin, and unjust enrichment,” the lawsuit states.

Bukys gas station also knocked off the Buc-ee’s logo using similar red block lettering and enlarged “B” and “S” letters, according to the lawsuit.

While there are subtle differences in the two companies, Buc-ee’s alleges that the copycat is intentional.

Bukys owner Saarim Damani talked to KPRC about the lawsuit but he refused to answer questions about whether he planned to change the name of his store. He did say he wouldn’t be fighting the lawsuit.

Damani told KPRC that he named the store after a childhood friend.

In previous years, Buc-cee’s has fought and won legal battles against several copycat attempts.

Buc-ee’s won a lawsuit against San Antonio-based rest stop Choke Canyon over the use of the competitor’s cartoon alligator logo. A federal court sided with the beaver in May 2018 over the logo lawsuit, according to the Associated Press.

Locally, there is a Buc-ee’s location in New Braunfels and just a short drive down I-10 in Luling.

Plans for a Buc-ee’s location in Boerne have been pushed back to 2023.

A pretrial for the trademark infringement lawsuit is scheduled for Feb. 4 and Buc-ee’s is asking for a jury trial.

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